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Our free-range, pasture-raised duck eggs offer a delicious taste that strikes a perfect balance—rich but not overpowering. Compared to chicken eggs, they're higher in nutrients, boasting higher protein and fat content, making them both satisfying and flavorsome. Sourced from our ducks raised ethically in spacious environments, they ensure not just great taste but also ethical and sustainable farming practices. Whether enjoyed alone or in your favourite recipes, our eggs will elevate any dish with their exceptional flavour and nutritional value.


Pasture Raised Ducks

It all starts with the ducks! Happy ducks make the best eggs, and our ducks are super happy!

Colored Eggs

Free Range Duck Eggs

Our wonderful duck eggs a delicious, and make the best mayo!


Duck Egg Recipe Ideas

Here are some ideas for ways to enjoy our duck eggs!

Colored Eggs

Nutrition Information

What makes duck eggs so good? Click here to find out!

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