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  • Do you use synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertlizers on your farm?
  • What's the difference between a duck egg and a chicken egg?
    Duck Eggs are bigger, more nutrient dense, and have different proteins
  • What does a duck egg taste like?
    Yum Yum Yum
  • Why do Duck Eggs make the best mayo?
    Proteins that are easier for the mouth to disolve make a mayonnaise that is soft and clean on the palate, or as we say - Luxurious, light and clean. The way Mayonnaise is supposed to taste!
  • What Happened to Burrowes Park?
    Burrowes Park Mayonnaise was established in the early 2000's by Bettina Berry, who used her skills as a Cordon Bleu chef to produce the original Burrowes Park Whole Egg Mayonnaise for Melbourne. In 2017, Bettina was ready to move on to other ventures, so we acquired the business to help us grow our farming business, Rangeview Farm Foods. As time has progressed, we've made those Mayonnaises our own, with improvements to our manufacturing and ingredients, becoming the first commercial Mayonnaise in Australia made with pasture raised Duck Eggs from our farm, the introduction of new varieties such as our Miso Mayo and Tartare Sauce, while winning multple Australian Food Awards along the way. As we take our next step in our Mayonnaise journey, bringing a fully shelf stabe Duck Egg Mayonnaise to discerning palates all over Australia, it's time to say goodbye to Burrowes Park, an hello to Rangeview Mayonnaise!
  • What oil do you use?
    Highly flavoured oils, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, overpower the mayonnaise, and can produce extremely bitter flavours. Since the begining, our mayonnaise has been produced with 100% Australian, Non-GMO Canola oil, which provides a neutral flavour that allows our premium ingredients to shine through, and has a very similar nutritional makeup as Olive OIl, being high in Monounsaturated Fats and a great ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. Lately, we've seen some of our customers trying to reduce their consumption of seed oils. For these customers, we're investigating a new recipe using Australian produced refined Olive Oil, which has a significantly more neutral flavour than Extra Virgin, making it a better choice for mayonnaise. If this sounds like something you're interested in, send us a mesage so we can keep you up to date with our progress!
  • Does the Rangeview Mayonnaise have any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives?
    No, none of our mayonnaises contain artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. By using natural preservatives such as Vinegar and Salt to precisely control the pH and water activity of our finished mayonnaies, we are able to produce a mayonnaise free from artificial preservatives that is lab tested to be safe for at least 12 months unopened at room temperature.
  • Why don't you always have the chutney I love?
    Seasonality! Tomatoes aren't ideal for chutney making all year round, so while we try to stock up when they are just right, we sometimes sell out and thus have to wait until the right time of year again.
  • Where's my Sweet Chilli Sauce???
    Had to make with all the had cleaning and chopping of chillis. We make a batch, then let our hands recover!
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