A unique original, unadulterated mayonnaise with a touch of mustard, and no sugar, nuts or preservatives


Suitable with poached eggs, fish, chicken and in salads. Good with fresh herbs - dill, mint and grated lime or lemon



This follows the traditional mayonnaise recipe, but has slow-roasted garlic. A noticeable garlic taste, this flavour compliments most dishes


Goes with any kind of fish - especially prawns - barbeques, fillet of beef, chorizo, boeuf en croute, roasted vegetables and hot chips




A light blend of wasabi paste with the traditional mayonnaise recipe - a gentle heat suitable with most dishes


Can be served with any food from sushi and prawns, to beef and smoked salmon wraps. Asian salads, avocado dishes and scallops are also suitable

Orange Zest

An addition of grated orange to the traditional mayonnaise recipe. An unusual, yet popular flavour all year round, it suits a variety of foods


Fresh and barbequed asparagas with proscuttio, any kind of fish, lamb, chicken dishes and a classic smoked salmon compliment this flavour

Seafood Cocktail

Using tomato and worcestershire sauce with lemon juice, this classic summer flavour has a gentle tomato spice


Seafood, orange roughy, sausages with chipolatos, burgers and egg and onion salads