The Story


When Queen Elizabeth I died at the beginning of the 17th century, James I became the King


His decision to send Scots and English to Ireland occurred around the same time that the Spanish and French were fighting over the Island of Menorca


It was in Mayo, the capital of Menorca, that a chef was instructed to make a sauce of egg yolks and oil - this occured whilst the fighting was underway


The French then took this sauce to their mainland and created what we know today as mayonnaise



"My mayonnaise is made with free-range eggs and has no food preservatives in it. It has an twelve-week life span in the fridge and is sensational - it's the real mayonnaise"


Founder, Bettina Berry




Aiming to offer a genuine, tasty product using original ingredients from the creation of this sauce in 1605, over 10 years five flavours emerged


Burrowes Park offers five unique mayonnaise flavours to consumers using free range eggs with no preservatives or sugar


Our small company strives to deliver these quality products to people who enjoy good food from Melbourne and beyond, and are offered at a variety of outlets across Victoria


Farmers markets have been a valuable foundation for the growth of Burrowes Park, and with persistence and consistency, we hope to continually grow and become a greater part of Australia's 'slow food' culture